Aptora is committed to providing prompt and professional service to our customers, even outside of regular business hours. In order to ensure that all after-hours calls on the Emergency Support Line for Hosted customers are handled in a timely and efficient manner, the following procedures have been established.

  1. All after-hours service phone calls will be answered within three rings and the caller will be greeted professionally.  The recommended greeting is, “Thank you for calling Aptora's Emergency Support line for Hosted Clients, this is _____________.  How may I help you?”
  2. Calls will be handled by the On-Call Support Technician or be routed to the appropriate department or employee based on the nature of the call.
  3. Any emergency or urgent situations will be escalated to the appropriate person or department immediately. The primary contact person will usually be the Hosted Administrator.
  4. All after-hours phone calls will be documented, and any follow-up actions will be completed within 24 hours by the On-Call Support Technician.  Documentation must include a help-desk ticket, contact log notes in the customer record, a work order and completion of the Emergency Support Line Pay Form.
  5. The After-hours phone will rotate to a different support technician on a weekly basis. It is the responsibility of the whoever had the phone to pass it to the next support Technician on the rotation schedule.
  6. The On-Call Support Technician is required to add to his/her personal phone calendar reminders to carry the support phone every day of the week after work. The after-hours phone should never be left in the office after business hours.
  7. The On Call Support Technician is responsible for charging the Emergency Phone daily.
  8. The support Manager may call during after-hours to verify if the phone is being attended to. Failure to pick up the phone could result in disciplinary actions.
  9. Repeated missed calls over different days may lead to termination.
  10. In the case that the On-Call Support Technician forgets the phone at the office, the technician must notify the Support Manager immediately and work with the manager to get coverage for the phone as soon as possible.

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