1. All after-hour calls will be directed to a dedicated after-hours phone line. The phone line is 913-201-6503.
  2. The Emergency Support line will be answered by an assigned On-Call Support Technician who is available to handle hosted connection issues, log-in emergencies, and the re-direction of these or any other type of call.
  3. If the call is an emergency, the On-Call Support Technician will immediately escalate the call to the Hosted Administrator and the Support Manager.
  4. If the call is not an emergency, the On-Call Support Technician will refer the client to the helpdesk to submit an issue in one of the three following ways: by calling the main support line (913) 322-4666, emailing, or by visiting   The On-Call technician will let the customer know that these issues will be responded to during the regular business hours of support 8:00am to 5:00pm Central time. 
  5. If the call goes to a voice mail, the On-Call Support Technician is responsible for responding to the voice mail within one hour.
  6. All after-hours calls will be recorded and documented in a log, including the date, time, reference number, and a brief summary of the call.  All areas on the log must be filled in and completed by the On-Call Support Technician and the Second Call Support Technician (if required) in order to receive pay for answering the on-call phone.  The Emergency Support Line Pay form should be used for this.
  7. A follow-up call or email will be made by the On-Call Support Technician to all customers that contacted the Emergency Support Phone during his/her after-hours shift within 24 hours to ensure that the customers inquiry has been resolved to the customers satisfaction.
  8. The On-Call Support Technician will be trained in customer service and emergency management protocols.
  9. Each Monday morning the On-Call Technician will fill out and turn in the Emergency Support Line Pay form which is located in the Everyone folder on the Aptora Microsoft Server.  This form will be turned in to bookkeeping for processing in the payroll it is received.

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