Welcome to Total Office manager from Aptora and thank you again for joining the Aptora’s family. We are excited to have you onboard. We are convinced that the more you know about our software, the more you are going to like it. By understanding the foundations of Total Office Manager. you will able to We want to make this learning journey one of the kind by making source that you have all the resources needed to efficiently and effectively utilize the software. All our happy users have one thing in common, they understand the vast majority of the features and the reason behind them. They also understand the flow from one feature to the next. The idea behind our training system is to help you gain a basic understanding of the software. With that knowledge, you will be able to go love and use Total Office Manager to run your business. The goal is to learn only the basics of Total Office Manager that are necessary to go live. After you go live, you will continue the process of learning as well as introducing yourself to advanced features. For now, our priority is to make sure that you will be able to schedule calls, enter and pay bills, produce invoices, collect money, and process payroll.