Author name: Aaron Cunningham

Bulk Uploader in Mobile II

It would be great to get a bulk uploader in Aptora Mobile II that allows us to select 25-75 files and before they are uploaded show a preview as well as allow us to tag or change the description of the photo so that the people in the office or potentially other technicians in the …

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Customer payment deposit locator

Please add a right click feature in the customer payment screen for the payment history. Specifically to find the deposit that includes that customer payment.

Parent Credits to Children and Credits Between Children

Can you guys over there give users the ability to apply parent and child credits to other accounts in the family without having to go through the process of creating another invoice and credit or creating journal entries.

Hide Non Sales Tax Groups

With the recent change in the software that verifies sales tax items in a sales tax group upon saving an invoice, we now have to change our process. Because we ONLY add sales tax groups, finding a specific sales tax group in a list over 150 items long can potentially cause errors in getting the …

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