Author name: Jeff Palmer

Add Landscape Orientation to the Mobile App

Please see if you guys can make mobile respond to landscape. When you rotate the app to landscape, nothing happens. This is for the app only. The browser version works fine. This is the case for Android anyway. We use Andriod so our request is for the Android app.

Add Debit or Credit Column to Escrow Movement

We couple use a small favor please. We have a lot of service agreement escrow work to do. If we could have the amount add to the escrow list it would save us a lot of time. Thanks guys

HubSpot Integration

Have you heard of HubSpot? If not, it is THE top used marketing program in the USA. We use it and would really appreciate having tom interface with it. We can provide more details if there is any interest. We would;d contribute dollars too. We threw in 1000 to get started but would like to …

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Perform Math in Form Builder

We would like to be able to do basic formulas when building a form or screen in form builder. Example would be to add two temperatures or subtract for delta t or may divide volts by amps. We use the program all of the time. We heard this was in the works but not sure.

Help Topics on Website

Can you connect the help linked in total office manager to the help topics online? The help files in the software are outdated and we have been told to use the ones here but they are not linked. Thank you.

Admin bypass not duplicated password

The new admin password feature is great. Thanks for adding that. We asked for that a long time ago. Can you make the password unique to each user? We don’t want our people entering one pw for all people.