Author name: Robert Sight

Additional Import Features

We would also like to have these added. We would pay for these and the others we have asked for. Thank you. Customer Document Links Customer Equipment Customer Service Agreements

Additional Import Contact Logs Options

We would like to ask for the ability to Import Vendor Contact Logs and Import Customer Contact Logs. We are trying to get this information from an old program no longer used or supported. Please.

Quick Edit for Multiday work orders

We noticed that there does not seem to be a quick edit for work orders that are multiday. If we missed it somewhere please tell us. That would be very helpful. We use the quick edit to avoid going back to tom.

Schedule with GPS

We would like to be able automate the scheduling process with GPS information. We put in a support ticket a while back that has all of the details. Thank you.

Edit Mobile Items on Same Screen

Can you please add the ability to edit a mobile item without going to another form. That will save button clicks. The main fields like price would be fine.

Email Pay Stubs

I would love to see the ability to email all employees their pay stubs fairly quickly and securely. Thank you and keep up the great work. Your updates have gotten so much better and we like the fact that you are not adding features just to be adding features. It keeps the software easy to …

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Import Budget from Excel with Departments

I would like to see the ability to export to Excel, import the budget back in and do this by department. I would also like to the the Build for Year feature offer a department selection. That way, we could build a budget from Service 2019.