Customer Access Portal FAQ



The “Customer Access Portal” (CAP) connects with your customer information in Total Office Manager to allow your customers to view their Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices. This feature also allows them to pay their invoices online which makes transactions more efficient for business workflow.  

If you have not already read through the user manual on how to setup this feature within your software, we advise using the link provided for “The Essential guide to the Customer Access Portal” here -> **LINK*** 

Customer Access Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that you’ve set up the CAP feature and have adjusted the permissions for customers to access their invoices, estimates and work orders you may have some questions on the functionality involved with CAP.  

Q: Why won’t my Estimates or Invoices show up on CAP once created within TOM? 

A: Customer Access Portal is a feature which does show invoices and estimates for the customer: job within your database. But because the invoice or estimate may change as the job evolves there needs to be some type of static page to capture the estimate or invoice. This happens by first creating and then generating it as a pdf within the mobile environment.  This allows mobile to capture it as a pdf and display it for the customers viewing on the portal. Work orders though do not have to be generated in mobile and can be created within TOM and should immediately show within the customer access portal. 

Q: I do not own Aptora Mobile 2 but would like CAP functionality so that my customers can view their invoices, work orders, and estimates online from Total Office Manager. 

A: This is not possible due to TOM’s current functionality. The only way to have a Customer Access Portal is to have Aptora Mobile 2. Owning mobile would open the door not only to CAP, but a host of sub applications and features that run holistically within the Aptora eco-system. If you would like more information on all the programs, we offer please get in touch with your personal account manager.  

Q: I am an On-Premise client running Aptora mobile 2 wanting to verify if CAP is PCI compliant (PCI DSS), is it compliant? 

A: The customer access portal was built with PCI compliancy in mind. We ensure that passwords, cardholder data, access controls, log entries, unique ID’s are all encrypted and only accessible with the proper permissions. Firewall setup and maintenance will have to be handled by your IT professional for full compliancy.