Mobile II Version Release Notes Release Notes
Release Date: 1/12/2018
Be sure to update Total Office Manager to version 10.7.52 or higher prior to updating Aptora Mobile II. Please read the release notes outlined below before updating.

Software Updates:
Fixes and Corrections
1. Corrected issue with Update QTY button on work orders and invoices
2. Corrected an issue where the preference to Always Use Customer:Job was not properly registering the tax code to override the item tax code.
3. Corrected an issue with adding of items to a selected position. (Eg. position 1,2,3, etc.)
4. Corrected an issue that would cause the Main Warehouse to be created multiple times when adding items to work orders when the default preference in Total Office Manager was not set.
5. Updates made to the Service Agreement Dashboard and Sales Dashboard. Many of the updates included enhancements to graphing and reporting. Also made corrections to some calculations.
6. Corrected issue on emailing work orders was showing the wrong bill to address that is selected in total office manager preferences