Mobile II Version Release Notes Release Notes
Release Date: 02/08/2019

Software Updates:
1. Session Time Out has been extended to 24 Hours

a. Requirements:

i. IIS Configuration should be set to 24 hours, this setting trumps the Applications Setting. For assistance call Aptora Support
ii. The Server MUST be Stopped for 15 seconds and then you can start it back up.
iii. All Users must Log Out and Log back in to get this new Setting (there are User specific variables that will need to be reset)

2. Logged in User List

a. User will no longer be removed from this List after inactivity.
b. Last Activity field will now display when the User logged in. This field name was also changed to Login Date
c. The following can Remove a User from the Logged in User List:

i. User Logs out of the Application
ii. User is Forced out of the Application, this can be accomplished thru the Logged in User List.
iii. The Server has been Reset (This will cause all Users to be removed from this List.)