Mobile II Version 5.9.0 Release Notes

5.9.0 Release Notes
Release Date: 03/05/2019

Software Updates:
Fixes and Corrections

1. Fixed an issue where customer history was displaying the incorrect customer balance and invoice balance.
2. Fixed an issue where the back button was not functioning when on the load calculator form.
3. Fixed a reported issue where the reimbursable box on time sheets was not being checked based on preferences.
4. Fixed a reported rare issue where invoice numbers had stopped being sent with a credit card payment.
5. Fixed an Error on the Customer List when Sorting multiple times would send back no results.


1. After five minutes of inactivity, while editing a work order, the Tech Notes, Private Notes, and Detailed Notes will be
automatically saved.
2. When adding Invoice items, the Position List should now show the name of the item as well as the position.
3. We have added a Service Agreement Savings Presentation print option. When turned on, the user will see how much they
saved or could have saved by owning a service agreement. We will be sending out a separate email explaining this new
feature in more detail.
4. Additional invoice, estimate, and work order print preview formatting enhancements were made. These changes were
all based on user feedback. Thanks for the input.