Total Office Manager 19.2.2600 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update – Version 19.2.2600
Release Date: 02/26/2019
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -DB UPDATE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This update is a major update that requires an update to your database. This will require that all users log out of the software program so that the update can run.
Once the update has run and the first user logs in, other users will not be able to log back into the program in prior versions without being required to update.
This update will take anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 minutes depending on the database size.

We are changing the way we use software version numbers. For now on, Total Office Manager’s version number will be YY.MM.DD. For example: If we release an update on February 26, 2019, the version number will be 19.02.26.

This update fixes the average cost calculation issue mentioned in this email. For more information about how we handled this fix, sign into and go to this knowledgebase article.

Employees & Payroll:
Fixes and Corrections:
– Fixed issue with the payroll service preference. Ticket 13499
– Fixed reported issue where Employee Deduction reset limit was not resetting. Ticket 13276
– Fixed issue with inactive Taxes being included when processing payroll. Ticket 13844
– Fixed issue that allowed users to edit description field in Employee Skills tab. Ticket 12243
– Fixed reported issue where some users were not able to arrow down when entering in employee earning amounts. Ticket 12583
– Fixed issue where time sheet opened from history do not open with box checked for “All Employees” Ticket 11658
– Fixed the Security label on Assign Commissions form. Ticket 12751
– Fixed improper department selection on Time Sheets. Ticket 13847
– 2019 FICA SS Wage Limit added. Ticket 13421

Customer and Vendor:
Fixes and Corrections:
– Fixed reported issue when changing quantity to zero did not zero out the cost on group Items. Ticket 13962
– Fixed reported issue where the Customer List was not loading on a work order when Using Save & New. Ticket 14053
– Fixed issue where the Other Charge items amount field did not calculate correctly on invoices. Ticket 13882
– Fixed issue where Labor minutes were displaying incorrect for Group Items on Item list. Ticket 11975
– Fixed reported issue where Vendor Credits were not updated when updating historical when changing accounts on them. Ticket 13760
– Fixed reported issue where the show signature was displaying No Signature when there is one present. Ticket 10839,13655
– Fixed reported issue where when adding items on a work order then selected edit (multi-day or repeating) cleared the changes. Ticket 12024,12019
– Fixed reported issue when using the arrow keys to change inventory qty was causing freeze. Ticket 12241
– Fixed reported issue where sometimes the discounts on payment screen where being unchecked on save. Ticket 13606
– Fixed issue where the estimate was showing the option Approve & Close when the security preference that disables form approval was turned on. Ticket 13845
– Fixed reported issue where calculator was missing on invoice. Ticket 13661
– Fixed issue where a paid invoice did not update balance due on menu save after receiving a payment. Ticket 11964
– Fixed transaction title to show on Custom Forms. Ticket 13579
– Fixed reported issue caused when Hiding Service Item on PO was displaying a blank page. Ticket 14182

Fixes and Corrections:
– Fixed reported issue with bar code scanning on the Inventory Transfer form. Ticket 11132
– Fixed reported issue where when duplicated an Item the qty on the inventory tab was not showing zero. Ticket 11714
– Fixed issue where users were able to edit the price of the item when the retail price lock preference was enabled. Ticket 12413
– Fixed issue where Pick Tickets QTOH were not following the qty for line item and Warehouse from the Estimate. Ticket 12458
– Fixed issue with Warehouse Transfers were causing the avg cost to be miscalculated.
– Fixed issue where Inventory Value Adjustments were showing in the Missing GJ Entry scan. Ticket 13410
– Fixed issue with total cost on Item Reservation List totaling Incorrectly. Ticket 14703
– Fixed issue where Average Cost was not populating properly For Reimbursables.
– Fixed issue with Item Assemblies cost when the Assembly was built
– Added a check on assembly build date “this assembly has lower than expected avg cost because the original bill of materials was less when earlier items were built.”
– Assembly items will also display the qty of non-inventory parts.

Fixes and Corrections:
– Fixed reported issue with Employee State Tax report not displaying all the employee tax items.
– Fixed issue with use tax within a group reporting incorrectly on the Job costing overview report. Ticket 12971
– Fixed reported issue that users had with payments showing under the wrong vendor on the AP Aging report. Ticket 13420
– Fixed issue where the Inventory Reordering by Warehouse report was not excluding inactive items. Ticket 13383
– Fixed issue with the Job Costing Overview where additional overhead was incorrect. Ticket 11995
– Fixed issue where balance forward was not displaying on statements.
– Now Include Account # for Sub Customer:Jobs setting.
– Added Avg Cost Changes on Invoices
– Date change on existing records will prompt user that on that day the Avg cost could may have been different and will ask if the user wants to update cost.
This feature will allow a more accurate Avg cost that is driven by the date of the transactions.
This helps users if you are backdating invoices; cost will now look at what the cost was for that particular item on that day.

Inventory and Serialized Item History – Avg. Cost Tab
– Information displayed will show end of month Avg. Cost so a user can look and see in any given month what the Avg. Cost was for that item.

Retail Price Feature
– When you open an existing Estimate or Invoice, there is no way to easily update the Retail Prices with current item pricing. You must remove and add back each item. This is also true when you make a copy. We added a menu option called “Refresh Price Each”. This new option will do the same thing quickly and easily.

Avg. Cost new functionality
– The inventory adjustment uses the new qty and avg cost functionality to dynamically update the qty on hand and avg cost when you change the date.

Warehouse drop down menu now has a current and total qty listed. (inventory parts only)
– Current = date of invoice/bill/etc.,
– Total = all time

Other Added features:
– Added Sales Tax to credit card processing form.
– Allow 6-digit Mileage Entry on Time sheet Form. Ticket 12362
– Added to the quick filter on Customer Lookup Window – Phone (all) and Email (all).
– Added in a warning If Date Entered in + or – Current Year.
– Added RAM used by database to Company File.
– Added a preference that will show the entire full credit card number on the Receive Payments form.
– Added Required Fields to PO preferences.
– Improved AVG cost calculation process will improve the speed of saving invoices with inventory and serialized items on it.

Fixes and Corrections:
– Fixed reported issue where Schedule Board was not refreshing after creating a new profile. Ticket 11990
Auto Submitted Errors Corrected:
– Fixed error on entering Bills (subscript out of range).
– Fixed error caused by Customer notes popping up twice.
– Fixed error on Schedule Board (invalid use of null).
– Fixed error in Refund Checks (incorrect syntax).
– Fixed error on Work Order (object variable or with block not set).
– Fixed error when copy of Invoice is made.