Total Office Manager 22.12.2100 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update

Release Notes for Version 22.12.2100
Release Date: 12/26/2022 (rolling release)

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Database Update

This update requires an update to your database. This will require that all users log out of the software program so that the update can run. Once the update has run and the first user logs in, other users will be able to log back into the program in prior versions without being required to update. This update will take anywhere from 15 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the database size.


The following contains feature requests submitted by users like you:

  1. We added a new Overhead Allocation method to the Chart of Account form.
  2. The SOM report is based on the date that the sales lead was resolved. Not the date entered. We added info to the Date label and added a tool tip.
  3. We increased the email field to 100 characters.

Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket 37404: The 1099 NEC report was not printing correctly on the IRS form. We fixed this.
  2. Ticket 38212:  We have added more validation code to the Out of Balance Scan to locate Sales with the entries going to the undeposited funds table. We also improved the suggested fix after discovering the Fix Selected button was not appearing. Users will be able to remove these entries themselves. Entries to the Audit Trail have also been added so the deletion activity is recorded.
  3. Ticket 38211: We updated the 2023 Payroll changes for FICA  SS 2023 base increase from $147,00 to $160,200 effective 1/1/2023.
  4. Ticket 38199: We updated the 2022 940 form.
  5. Ticket 37812: We improved the label on the report option for the Income Statement – By Dept Wide to be more specific about the report totals not matching other reports when multiple options are checked. **When selecting departments from various levels, selecting the option to Include Sub Departments, and/or showing non-departmentalized transactions, account totals will appear inflated and will differ from the standard Income Statement totals. These preferences are not intended nor designed to reconcile to the various financial statements found elsewhere.**
  6. Ticket 37410: The item label was not filtering correctly, we fixed it.
  7. We changed the date of the old Schedule Board support and development from 12/31/2023 to 12/31/2022. We will not correct nor support the old board effective January 1, 2023.

Yellow Screen Error Submissions

  1. Form PO. Form_Resize Invalid property value
  2. Form Schedule.load WOTypes The name can not be a numeric string.
  3. Form Work Order.create FromInv Subscript out of range
  4. Form PRW2Processing.cmd Calaculate_Click Type mismatch
  5. Form Item RES.RefetchAvgCosts Subscript out of range
  6. Form Work Order.createFromInv Subscript out of range
  7. Form Work Order.grd_AfterColUpdate Division by zero
  8. Form Work Order.grd_FetchCellStyle Subscript out of range
  9. Form PO.grd_FetchRowStyle Subscript out of range

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