Total Office Manager 22.3.3000 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update

Release Notes for Version 22.3.3000
Release Date: 03/30/2022

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Database Update

For on-premises users, this update will require all other users to be logged out so that the database can be updated. Cloud users (hosted) will not need to update their database.

Bug Fixes

  1. [Ticket #34890] Income Statement Showing Inactive Accounts
  2. [Ticket #34982] For 941 does not calculate balance due properly

Yellow Screen Error Submissions

  1. modRptPRWorkersCompEmpl.Populate_PRWorkersCompEmpl() Multiple-step operation generated errors.
  2. modRptPRCertPRLetter.loadCertPRLetter() Non-nullable column cannot be updated to Null.
  3. removed on error resume next for workorder.loadrecord
  4. frmPayments.cmbCustomerJob_Close() Subscript out of range
  5. frmExportList.export() Path not found
  6. frmCCProcessing2.loadEtran() Invalid property value

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