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Cancel an appointment

It would be nice if you could cancel an appointment just like you can a work order. Some users don’t have the ability to delete the appointment. So cancelling it would be nice to do.

check processing

When processing a large check with multiple invoices I can sort by everything other than the invoice number is there a way to make it that we can sort by the invoice number. Is there a way to be able to sort the invoice number when Appling a check to multiple invoices currently I can …

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Change pager to gate code

May I make a suggestion? I was trying to figure out where to put gate codes from communities so they would be permanent on the customers records so we didn’t have to ask every time and it would appear on the dispatch emails. I ended up putting it on the main screen under pager. I …

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Mobile Work Order

When converting a work order into an invoice, the box labeled “mark as complete” is automatically checked off. I would like to either be able to take that box away entirely, or at least have it default to be unchecked