Author name: Robin Locker

Multiple BCCs on Mobile Emails

It is helpful for our office staff to get emailed copies throughout of Work Orders and Invoices Sent to Customers. Currently there is a spot to BCC ONE email, but we would like to have the emails go to 3 people. Doesn’t seem like this is a hard fix?

View Technician’s Notes on Work Order List

Can you add the option to view Tech Notes as a Column on the Work Order List? It would be great to be able to look at the day’s calls and quickly review what was done, all in one place.

Modify Time for Automated Text Message

Can you update so we can change the reminders from 12:00PM to another time? We typically schedule our calls later in the day, so they are not assigned or scheduled until after 12 the previous day.

Name and Address on Work Order/Invoice Notifications

Currently, generated notifications (to assigned users, not customers) does not include the Customer Name or Address. It only provides Wo#, Date, Incorrect Time and Notes. Can you add Customer Name and Address?