Author name: Scott Hunsucker

Mobile filter for work orders

Can you Please add a filter that would allow us to filter on stages. Applies only to mobile app. work orders specifically

Company created dashoards

We need the ability to write multiple queries for specific roles within our organization. Each role should have a “dashboard” that gathers that important information. I would suggest that we be able to have a “dashboard” at the main TOM window. It should be displayed at start up and remain in the window until software …

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Enlarge signature field in mobile

Techs are requesting this often: In mobile: on an android tablet: the “signature field” is small. If you turn your tablet to landscape, it stays the same size. customers are having to try to sign in the field and it is TOO small.

create an option for mobile

when “stop time” is selected from a mobile work order. the default is that the “complete work order?” box is checked. Force the tech to choose whether to complete the work order or not. Or: give us the option to decide the default checked or not checked. If a tech accidentally leaves the box checked …

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Filtering by dates….

please consider adding the ability for custom dates on list filters. currently limited to year, quarter, month, week, day and “empty” add the ability to filter by “dates between”

Require work order tech notes

Require staff to add a note to work orders when changing status to work complete. Do not allow status change without note