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We need the ability to write multiple queries for specific roles within our organization. Each role should have a “dashboard” that gathers that important information. I would suggest that we be able to have a “dashboard” at the main TOM window. It should be displayed at start up and remain in the window until software is closed. It should be able to execute the query and populate a user defined graph, list, or chart. It should auto refresh a minimum of every five minutes. It would be advantageous for the dashboard item to have a background color that would update based on the age of the item. IE work orders in stage “X” for less than 24 hours be yellow, 24 hours to 48 hours orange, over 48 hours red.

One specific example: work orders with stage = X. We use stages, one of which is “Awaiting Materials” The query would only retrieve the records with the defined stage. We use this in the office for management to order materials and/or equipment when technicians need. Currently we have to use the work order list and a global filter to locate these. We have adapted and use multiple lists and global filters to accomplish this currently. It is quite cumbersome and not automated.
Each management role within our organization has unique needs. The “dashboards” need to be editable and created by the organization to meet each staff members need. The queries need to be able to query multiple fields logically and be able to present results according to each specific role.

For instance: not limited to:
Purchasing needs to be able to find things that need ordered.
Stage = “awaiting Materials”
Open Purchase orders
Open item receipts
Service managers need to be able to find things that need attention.
Stage = Attention Service Manager
Stage = “awaiting Materials”
Overdue work orders
Work orders not invoiced
Office staff need to be able to find things that need invoiced.
Work orders not completed, not invoiced, that are completed
Dispatch needs to find thing

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