2% Net 10 Discount

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I think the way that the program determines the auto discount is flawed there should be additional options to toggle on and off for the Terms when they are entered into the system as to what things they include and exclude from the discount The problem I am having is that I have a vendor that applies the 2% of my discount to tangible Items on the invoice equipment/parts etc I have found that in Aptora the program is applying the 2% discount to the items and the sales tax therefore I will have to go in and manually enter the actual discount amount for each bill instead of selecting them under the pay bills section and using the auto discount function That is going to cost a lot of money going forward because it is tying up the girls in my accounting department longer on every bill they enter that is paid within the 2% time frame

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  1. Hi Jesse.

    Thank you for submitting this request. We have reviewed this functionality and understand the need to incorporate sales tax on the purchase side in Total Office Manager. We will include this functionality as we upgrade our platform to the next level. As these changes will be a bit in the future, the workaround would be to overwrite the calculated discount amount on the Pay Bills form. If we discover an alternative solution in the interim, we will update you to this solution.

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