Ability to lock employees from running the updates

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Since we have to kick all employees out of TOM to run the updates, I can only do it after hours. I have 30+ office employees running TOM at any one time. It would take me at least 30 minutes to get everyone out, run the update on 4 companies, then set up and give out the new admin password so each person can run the update on his/her system. I can’t stop the company during office hours for that long every time a new update comes out. I typically wait a week or two after an update is released before I run it as well. The employees are not supposed to run an update until I tell them to do so.

Last week, we updated to 21.1.2000. The next day 21.1.2800 was released. This week I’ve had 4 employees try to run the newest one including an owner. Most of the time, I can just copy the old version everyone else is using to the computer trying to run the newest update. Sometimes, I have to uninstall and reinstall TOM for it to work. It’s a real headache.

It would be helpful to lock the update function until I want the employees to use it. I would unlock it for a day or two then lock it again until the next one.

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  1. Hello.

    Do you want to prevent users from using the feature at Help > Check for Update ?

    If yes, that is a permission under User List/Security > General.

    Tip. You can copy the update file from the default location and place it somewhere so users have easy access to it. You can set the location at Edit > Preferences > Web Updates > Company Preferences. You or someone could create a little batch file to take care of the copy and paste. You would only need to double click to move the file for global access.

    Advanced Tip: An IT person familiar with Active Directory and Domain Controllers could auto update each user, if they are part of a company domain.

    We take care of updates if you are on our hosted plan. We update all users and all database during the middle of the night. You likely knew that but just FYI for everyone.

    Thank you.

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