Ability to see stage/status from history screens

3 years agoopen3

Ability to see the work order status, stage from the item history screen. Ability to see Estimate Status/Stage and Purchase Order – Stage.

This way if you need to see how many of an item you need to order from the item history you can see this at quick glance if a project is done vs just awarded, ect. You can track the items by line item on the stage but can’t view those items via stage item.

Another option would be able to see the “Stage field” listed per item on an estimate/invoice so If you have 4 quotes with the same parts and all four listed are “NEED TO ORDER” on the line item you can quickly view that from the item history. under a new tab called STAGE.

3 thoughts on “Ability to see stage/status from history screens”

  1. Jacque Morrenzin

    It would be great to look up a client’s history and see the PO for all jobs listed. It would lessen the time spent on the search process.

  2. RE: ” . . .client’s history and see the PO for all jobs listed. . .”


    Please see the attached image. This is the History form from a Customer. You can see all purchase orders by job, status, and more.

    Were you needing something else?

    Thank you.

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