Add Quantity Adjustment to the Add Items Page on Mobile

3 years agoopen2

It would be tremendously helpful if we could have the ability to add a quantity at the same time as adding the items using Mobile. It would reduce a step as well as allow our technicians to see the description while they are adding quantity.

2 thoughts on “Add Quantity Adjustment to the Add Items Page on Mobile”

  1. I agree Taylor. I have wanted this too and so have others.

    We are working on getting this feature added. It was harder (more time consuming) than we thought so it was delayed until now.

    We will keep everyone posted.

    Thanks for the submission.

  2. I have also submitted a feature request for this exact same issue – what’s difficult about this feature request board is that having the same topic posted multiple times spreads votes out and it may not reach the required 15 (or what ever number is required) to get development action. Thanks!

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