Adding a feature to Inventory Review/Adj for warehouse physical counts on the Front-end

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Currently, the Inventory Review/Adj feature is ridiculous to use unless you have one item you’re adjusting (I still don’t use it for that as the Non-serialized items is more convenient to do an individual item adjustment from). If I am doing a physical count for a warehouse (a weekly to annual occurrence depending on the warehouse), I am forced to do it from the back-end using a spreadsheet and the Import feature. This is inferior because of the risks of lost/changed data from importing, but there isn’t a feasible option to do a physical inventory from the front-end.
I’d like to see the Inventory Review/Adj feature allow quick data entry by warehouse. When a specific warehouse is selected, I’d like it to only show the items assigned to that warehouse (based on the Item Min/Max feature for items in that warehouse). There should also be a way to add items to the warehouse if an unauthorized part is discovered during the physical count. I’d also like this form to have the min and max for the individual warehouse visible on the Inventory Review/Adj form so we can easily recognize discrepancies and do transfers afterwards when the wrong inventory part is in the warehouse (a technician having an unauthorized part on his van for instance). I’d like anyone on my team with access to TOM to be able to enter the appropriate account and begin doing a physical count of the assigned warehouse without having to take the time to search each item, then find the appropriate warehouse to enter the number.

Necessary Changes:
Inventory Review/Adj feature sorting/filtering by warehouse for easy physical counts
Inventory Review/Adj form showing items Min/Max by warehouse

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