Adjst Work Order duration for “live” start and complete


Our work orders have certain durations for certain work order types. It would be helpful that if when our technician performs the service faster, or takes longer, that the work order view on Scheduler adjusts to match the actual calendar time of start time and end time as entered by technician. ie. if we have a 75 minute work order at 9am, but the technician finishes in 60 minutes, we “gain” 15 minutes of time in the schedule, but the schedule doesn’t reflect this – then we have to manually adjust start and end times throughout the day to see accurate schedule.

I tried to search if this has been requested before, sorry if I missed a post.

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  1. Hello Cait,

    I believe we have what you are looking for now. The mobile app/program has a preference that will change the work order end time when the timesheet entry differs than the actual end time on the work order. The tech must use the mobile timesheet (work order stop watch feature). Otherwise, they would need to adjust the end time on the work order.

    Please let us know if that takes care of your request.

  2. Scott Hunsucker

    This feature doe work and adjust the end time. What if the tech starts prior to the scheduled time. It does not adjust the start time. Anyway that could also be accommodated?

  3. We have had many users tell us not to change the start time. They want to know if the tech was late on arrival. Example: The work order starts at 3:00 PM. The tech arrives late at 3:17PM. The work order scheduled start time indicates 3:17PM and he was on time.

    We spoke about this in today’s webinar. I hope you had a chance to attend.

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