Allow for same credit card on multiple accounts in TOM

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We have many customers with multiple accounts or sub accounts, that use the same credit card to pay via BatchEpay or individually. The problem is that once we set up a payment profile for the customer card on Bambora, if we try to use the card on a different account, we get an error that the card already exists. We have to go to the first account, delete the card, add it to the second account, run that card, delete it after, then add it back to the original account. At month end we run about 1000 credit cards in a batch, many of which use the same card as another account. So this is a big problem for us, that did not exist before the conversion to using tokenization. This is a TOM problem as Bambora does not store any account info, only credit card info.
Month end is coming up on March 31 and this problem really needs to be resolved by them. Please talk to Kevin/Matt in support who are aware of the problem.

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