Amazing Idea – Autofill Detailed Description based on WO type selected


The detailed description box on our work order is very important. (as it is for every TOM User) It describes all the ins and outs of the work order. Sometimes questions get missed when a work order is created which results in incomplete work orders . I have the solution for this HR problem.

I would like to create another column in the WO type list called “WO Detailed Description” – – This column would be used for management to insert a “template” for questions or Information they would like included in a work order based on what WO type is selected.

When selected, I would like the questions I entered into the new column to appear in the detailed description box on the work order. The person taking the work order would now be able to ask all the appropriate questions based on the WO type elected and it would allow uniformity by WO type as to what questions are asked.

Any TOM customer that wouldn’t want this feature would just leave that column blank on the WO type list and TOM would function as normal or this could be a feature that is turned on and off.

A second option would be for it to auto-populate to the Private Notes Box although I am not a fan of this option.

The only issue I see is that companies using this feature would have to select the WO type BEFORE adding any information into the Detailed description box to prevent the box from being overwritten unless there is a way for it to be programmed to ADD the questions to the end of the characters.

I feel that this feature will be extremely valuable to ALL TOM users. Please vote for it.

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