Company Preferences for Emails


We would like the ability to format emails from TOM as we see fit. Specifically we want to include “NOT AN INVOICE” on emailed work orders.

This is because our customer’s keep paying work orders, rather than awaiting an invoice be sent, due to the current (lack of ) formatting in the emails.

ALSO, We would like the ability to format our own salutation, body & closing in emails to fit our specific needs, as I’m sure others would like too.

Because currently, specific internal coding we include on Display Names, does not need to be included in Email salutations. Nor should they be addressed to a Company Name, rather than a person.

At minimum we’d like to have the salutation be changed to pull from “Contact” as “Display Name”s for commercial facilities are not a person.

We are requesting a preference addition so different companies can make their emails be worded and look as it works best for each separate company.

Previously TOM emails used to run through HTML via Outlook and we could write our own messages/formatting. Now that this has been stopped, emails from TOM now look very unprofessional in our opinion (so much so, that for billing I now bypass TOM to send invoices to our customers).

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