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So I have been told by support I click backs and performance issue within TOM because of power user performance being in every aspect of the software at all periods of time. This causes the need to have a lot of windows open. Requesting a “DASHBOARD” or PIN to favorites list feature that you can pin whatever screen you are working on, but don’t want to close it yet. Kind of like marking an email important or pinning it to the top of your invoice. By pinning it to a “dashboard” or list that hyperlinks it. This way you can recall it quickly but wont have performance issues while working on something else and using to many resources having them open cause your not finished with them. Basically like SMART LIST but the ability to pin things your working on across all the software in one list. Smart list only work from the list menu, my thought would be from the tab itself in the menu section, so you don’t have to find it in the list and then drag it to a smart list.

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  1. Performance issues should be very rare if you are following a few rules. Please check to see if your company has these covered:

    Be sure that your database is being reindexed every night. Be sure it is being compacted too. Double check the database compatibility level setting. More information here: https://support.aptora.com/tips/database-maintenance/

    Be sure your server is not performance scans, maintenance, and other resource heavy tasks during business hours.

    Remove slow lists columns you do need. Limit what your list forms are loading by using the fast lists feature. More information here: https://support.aptora.com/help/fast-lists/

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