Make Aptora Mobile Automatically a Step-by-Step Process

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My idea is to make the work order a step-by-step process to make it easier for the technicians. Here is the format:

1. The technicians click the work order
2. The technicians click en route, working, then completed.
3. Now, once completed, mobile would take the techs straight to a page to put in items for them. Items should be categorized and subcategorized with pictures in a way that the technicians don’t have to scroll through 20 pages to find the scenario.
Once done putting in the items, have a button to “Complete Adding Items”
4. Now it takes them to the next screen that says “Enter Notes”. These will be the notes for the invoice itself. Once they are done with the notes, have a button that says “Done Adding Notes”
5. This then takes them to the payment screen, put in the payment method and “Done Adding Payment Method”
6. Finally, it takes them to a screen asking to send an email to the customer. Type in the customer email and click “Done”. Now the invoice is in TOM at the office and the techs don’t have to go through such a process to make an invoice.

This idea literally walks the technicians through the process of creating the invoice without them having to remember anything. It’s like guided notes for a middle school kid instead of having them write their own notes. Much easier and much more effective to get rid of technicians saying “To hell with it” and writing a paper ticket.

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  1. Thats a great idea especially if the feature can be activated or deactivated by the administrator and if everyone can create their own flow or said another way we can put the steps in whichever order we prefer

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