Mobile Forms – Email functionality

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If our field employees could have similar functionality to email forms once completed in mobile as they do with invoices. At this time the only way to email a form would be for the field employees to download the PDF and attach to their email. There is no way to control the “From” email.

4 thoughts on “Mobile Forms – Email functionality”

  1. This is an important feature! I have spoke with Bryant about it on Ref #29011. He said it shouldn’t be too difficult. We have spent a lot of time creating robust forms, but now we cannot easily send to the customer.

  2. I just had on elf my guys call me about this issue and it is a lot of steps to be able o email a form. First he has to know how to download the form onto his iPad or iPhone, then what application should he save it to so he can then email it out. It is way too hard to be able to send any forms using mobile at this time.

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