New Feature Request Notification


I would like to be added to a notification list when a new feature request has been submitted by an Author . The notification should have a link that directs me to the feature request.

There are alot of great ideas that are not being voted on because NOBODY has time to sit and review the list. An email notification would act as a reminder to review and vote on the request.

This idea has clearly been thought of by the creators of the Feature Request System since it is in the outline as a future addition.

I suggest you add that feature to this system asap. It will make this system better.

1 thought on “New Feature Request Notification”

  1. Hello Steven,

    I am fine with doing this. There is no quick way to make it happen though. We use WordPress. The only built in option is to send every user an email each time someone posts (anything). We have well over 1000 people on here. We would get marked as a spammer by various internet authorities. That would really hurt our rating – which is really high right now.

    We need to create a more powerful system that allows people to control their own notifications. I will leave this request open for now so we don’t forget about it.

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