“Stage” corresponding to all customer forms

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Work orders, Customer Job Info tab, and invoice all have an option to choose the stage of the job, however if you change a work order to complete, needs to be billed, it doesn’t translate over into the customer job info tab. We have to go separately into that tab and change it to be billed. I am trying to keep track of the status of a job so we can keep up with our billing. I run a custom data report with stages of needs to be billed. We don’t make work orders for every job or for every day. On the other side, if I create an invoice, I change it to billed but it doesn’t change the customer job to billed so I have to go back into the customer and change it again. It there a way we can make them all connected. We have one parent and the children are all the jobs so it wouldn’t affect anything else if the stages were the same throughout the Child (our jobs).

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  1. The feature was not designed to be connected like that. Changing the status of a work order will not change the status on an invoice, PO, estimate, or anything else. It would be difficult to know what form’s stage should change another form’s stage and under what circumstances. Invoice line items have stages too.

    I can see more users being angry over the change than being happy with the work we did. I can’t think of a logical way that they could be connected.

    As you seem to know, work orders are labeled as Invoiced yes or no. You can have multiple work orders flow into one invoice. All of the work orders would then be labeled as invoiced. The best practice is to have a work order for every single job, each and every time a person is being paid to do work. All time clock entries should have a work order selected.

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