Feature Requests Submissions

Asset Document Links Upload Feature

Would like to be able to upload document links from Mobile for assets. Currently the feature is being used for customers and is on every form. It would be nice to be able to upload pictures of the Vehicles during vehicle inspections or maintenance paperwork.

TEXT customer base for marketing purposes

I enjoy the auto text feature the customers receive for appointments/WO reminders, etc, But I would also love to be able to text customer groups occasionally about promotions going on from inside TOM desktop. Pull certain zip codes when trying to find work, and/or text members reminding them to use their coupons before expiring, etc.

Work Orders Status

I’d like to suggest the ability to either change the status types, and/or the ability to add. Being able to do that would offer us greater range of colors on the calendar, allowing us easier color change without having to open the actual work order.

Batch Update of Purchase Orders

It would be beneficial to be able to batch update the stage for Purchase Orders as I would prefer to be able to change the stage to “Complete”

Customer Account Updates

Be able to update an existing customer account name, contact info, and email without it changing the prior account history. This way all work history can stay on one account and everyone can see which homeowner requested what.

1099 NEC Printing

Currently 1099 NEC does not print legibly in the IRS form nor any standard form from supply stores. Could you please submit a request to Aptora for this.

Memo line deletion

You have a bad design on your Transaction Details Report. (Maybe other reports) When you click the “Include Transaction Memo” box the Report is returned with the memos on the memo line. When the box is unchecked the report returns all the transactions with the word “Memo” after ALL the transactions. This made my report …

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