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Shift+Enter Line Break in Item Descriptions

Currently in work orders, under the items tab, when editing an item description, using the key combination shift+enter does not give a line break. I would like for the ability to add line breaks in these fields without having to copy/paste from a notepad. — Submitted on behalf of Lynette J. from Charter Home Comfort.

Work Order Push Notifications

Looking for push notifications for techs in the field to get alerts when assigned new work orders on mobile. An automated notification would remove the responsibility of the dispatcher having to constantly reach out if schedule changes.

Auto Email by Choice

What we’re asking for today as a new feature is a way to show: We DO want the Customer to receive the reminder that we will be to their house for the system replacement, but we DO NOT want them to receive a reminder the day before when we’re working in the shop on their …

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Payroll Amount Breakdown

We would like to be able to see the amount being paid to the employee broken down. For instance if you click on the total amount in a payroll summary report, it just takes you to the check, which does not break it down any further. We would like to be able to see it …

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Inventory Transfer Directly from Estimate

To reduce the requirement to re-enter line items into an inventory transfer we would like to have a button on the Estimates the same as the “Reserve Items” button to load the inventory transfer form. Please prioritize this request and let us know what the cost would be for this feature request.

Change Hire Date to Start Date

We would like to change all of the places where “Hire Date” is listed to “Start Date”. Since start date and hire date are often different dates, we would like to change the software to reflect an employee start date instead of the hire date as this is more applicable to the use cases of …

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check processing

When processing a large check with multiple invoices I can sort by everything other than the invoice number is there a way to make it that we can sort by the invoice number. Is there a way to be able to sort the invoice number when Appling a check to multiple invoices currently I can …

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