Aptora Mobile II Release Notes

Aptora Mobile II Release Notes
Release Date: November 1, 2020

Your Apple devices must be on iOS version 13.0 or higher to use the Aptora Mobile II app. Click here to learn more.

Click here for video of new user interface.

When updating, please stop the Internet Information Services (IIS) website for Aptora Mobile II prior to running the Mobile Configuration Utility. Make sure that users clear the cache on the browser and/or the Aptora Mobile II application. This is the best practice with any website update to prevent conflicts with website code changes. If you are not logged into the mobile server and the computer/network administration, please right click on the Mobile Configuration Utility and run as administrator.


  1. The Invoice List page stopped showing the Number field.
  2. Marketing field on a Sales Opportunity wasn’t saving when the user was Editing the record. Ticket 27167
  3. Bambora Credit Card processing page was causing an Error when the profile was created from TOM.
  4. Edit Details of an Invoice Item was missing the Serial Number Drop Down.
  5. After getting the Print Name is required message while Capturing a Signature the page would lock up.
  6. Estimate and Invoice Settings was no longer allowing for line breaks in the Footer and Term fields.
  7. Users had the option to select Customer Equipment from the Edit Item Details page when this functionality doesn’t exist.
  8. Sub Total and Tax weren’t displaying the correct information on the Estimate Display page.
  9. Work Order History page was showing the wrong count for Invoices.
  10. Boarders on the Work Order Printout are clashing with each other and causing display issues.
  11. When trying to create a new Contact Log from the Notifications page, the User was getting an Error. Ticket 26928
  12. Editing the Header of a Group Item was updating all Groups that had the same Group Id, rather than only the Items that fell under its Order. Ticket 25819
  13. Users were being moved to the Download of a Form PDF even though they got an Error while generating the Form.


  1. Two columns on the Work Order’s Equipment tab was being shown as Name. One of them has been renamed to Type and the other Manufacturer.
  2. Removed the Customer Id from the Customer Equipment Work Order History page. Also reworked the Invoice To field to display a Yes or No value rather than the Customers Display Name.
  3. Added the Subdivision field to the Customer page.
  4. Sales Opportunity master list was showing the Grid Filter section when the functionality doesn’t exist.
  5. Work Order History will now show Purchase Orders with Items that are associated to the Work Order.
  6. Adjusted the Sort for the Service Agreement list to Descending on the Term Ends field.
  7. Form Builder Switches will now read Yes or No. Ticket #27120
  8. Added Estimates to the Work Order History page.
  9. Changed the Contact List to an Ascending sort on the Name field.

Summary of Fixed Tickets

  • 27167
  • 27120
  • 26928
  • 25819