Aptora Mobile II Release Notes

Aptora Mobile II Release Notes
Release Date: 05/29/2021 (rolling release)

Your Apple devices must be on iOS version 13.0 or higher to use the Aptora Mobile II app.

When updating, please stop the Internet Information Services (IIS) website for Aptora Mobile II prior to running the Mobile Configuration Utility. Make sure that users clear the cache on the browser and/or the Aptora Mobile II application. This is the best practice with any website update to prevent conflicts with website code changes. If you are not logged into the mobile server and the computer/network administration, please right-click on the Mobile Configuration Utility and run as administrator.

Enhancements and Fine Tuning

  1. Moved the Stopwatch buttons to the main view
  2. Added Landscape Mode for the Mobile App.
  3. Added a View Preference to save your choice of a default Calendar View.
  4. Changed the Back button icon to a traditional back button icon.

Bug Fixes

  1. Ticket 13548: No quantity validation on the service agreement line that has a quantity greater than one.
  2. Ticket 27810: Mobile app sometimes crashes when opening document link.
  3. Ticket 30425: Total not updating on Signature box, when an item is declined.
  4. Ticket 30694: Error loading map from a Work Address.
  5. Ticket 30779: Form Builder form search was not always returning search results.
  6. Ticket 30796: Customer field should auto select when coming from a customer.
  7. Ticket 30355: The Creation Date field was not auto populating.