Mobile II Version Release Notes

Release Date: 4/27/2017
Required Total Office Manager Version 10.7.27 or higher
-Fixed: Flat Rate Pricing Settings determined by wrong security object.
-Fixed: First time entering user password after changing companies would always fail.
-Fixed: Display issue where some pages would occassionally display too high up on the screen.
-Fixed: Schedule Board users would incorrectly show up as Mobile users and increase the current user count.
-Fixed: Unable to e-mail Work Orders or Invoices that have group items on them.
-Fixed: Work Orders would occassionally not show consistently when certain options were used.
-Fixed: Display issues with some Work Order and Invoice print previews.
-Fixed: Internal Server Error when deleting some items.
-Fixed: Some Flat Rate Pricing Settings not working correctly.
-Changed: Improved layout of some minor Work Order and Invoice printout compontents.
-Added: Special Order Parts for tracking the arrival of parts by technicians assigned in the Work Order.
-Added: Ability to create invoice from an estimate.
-Added: Additional Flate Rate Pricing Settings.