Mobile II Version Release Notes

Release Date: 6/14/2017
Required Total Office Manager Version 10.7.27 or higher
-Added Mobile Chat.
-Changed formatting of employee birthday on Employee Dashboard to only show month and day.
-Fixed issue where line breaks were removed from text areas in invoices, estimates, and work orders.
-Fixed issue where the Created By User and Date weren’t showing up in TOM for equipment created in Mobile.
-Fixed issue with WO ranking.
-Fixed reported issue with search settings not saving correctly and reverting back to defaults.
-Fixed reported issue with the PO Number not saving on edit.
-Fixed reported issue with group items displaying a price of zero when the placed on a Work Order created in Total Office Manager.
-Fixed reported issue with emails not sending for invoices.
-Fixed dashboard display from cutting off at the top of the screen.
-Fixed reported issue with themes not saving between sessions login/outs.
-Fixed reported issue with the total on Purchase Orders created in mobile transferring to Total Office Manager.
-Fixed issue with appointments showing on company calendar when All Day option is selected.
-Fixed reported issue with capturing signature on Work orders and Invoices.