Mobile II Version Release Notes Release Notes
Release Date: 08/01/2017
Requires Total Office Manager Version: 10.7.46 or higher
This update contains several bug fixes related to the following:
-Fixed Inventory by Employee Option auto-populates WOs/Invoices/Estimates with the employee’s designated warehouse.
-Fixed Sizing issues with displaying signatures ( Work Orders, Invoices)
-Fixed issue with Icons/font loading incorrectly on the Navbar buttons
-Fixed Issue with work order created from schedule board in Total Office Manager causing mobile work order of the next day not display. Assigning work order on the schedule board now saves/displays correctly.
-Fixed group item descriptions now displaying correctly in Invoices/Estimates and print previews.
-Fixed reported Issue on When a timesheet is given a stop time in Total Office Manager, mobile will recognize this and allow techs to start another timesheet.
-Fixed issue with Subtotal and discounts displaying properly on Invoices.
-Fixed reported issue with Group Items price each not calculating, Removed price each, showing only the total amount with the correct calculation.
-Fixed issue with Special Order parts not loading correctly after changes are made in Total Office Manager.
-Fixed reported issue with capturing signature on work orders and Invoices.

New Features:
-Added functionality for users to be able to disable bottom Navbar with the right permissions or modify the labels.
-Added the ability to see the database the user is logged into on the home screen
-When creating or editing a Customer;Job, users can now copy the billing address to the work address with a check box
-Added financing activity functionality to sales opportunity
-Added feature by popular demand to increase the logout time. Starting in this update the program will keep you logged into your mobile site until the browser is shut down completely or you manually log off. This feature was also implemented in the Mobile App as well, users should see a big change on the time it takes for the App to log you out while working or when going to and from other screens/apps.