Mobile II Version Release Notes Release Notes
Release Date: 08/01/2017
Requires Total Office Manager Version: 10.7.46 or higher
This update contains serveral bug fixes related to the following:
-Corrected issues with Credit Card Signature Settings, now users can save when one or more fields are left empty.
-Mobile now allows Timesheet entries to be saved as long as the date is not included in a pay period that has been paid.
-Fixed issue with the Navigation bar giving a Not Found error in the Form Builder plugin section.
-Fixed issue with Mobile selection of serial numbers not registering as out of stock when saving a mobile invoice.
-Mobile now uses Average Cost not Estimated Cost when calculating Markup/Markdown Methods. This now matches the functionality of Total Office Manager.
-Credit Card information for invoices now populates the billing statement Zip as blank, not 0.
-Changed button labels in Flat Rate Pricing Settings and fixed issue with service button selection showing more items than selected in the settings.
-Fixed issue with Work Order edit security permissions checkbox not working properly.
-Fixed issue bug where Purchase Order details section was running off the page on tablets and/or phone devices.
-Purchase Order shipping information is now not prepopulated with vender address, it is left blank and editable for any address.