Mobile II Version Release Notes Release Notes
Release Date: 10/10/2017
Be sure to update Total Office Manager to version 10.7.51 or higher prior to updating Aptora Mobile II. Please read the release notes outlined below before updating.

Software Updates:
Fixes and Corrections
Corrected issue- Mobile now checks for the TOM preference 'Auto Select Reimbursable' for Timesheets.
Corrected issue- When adding customer equipment the year manufactured only allows 4 digits and the description is required.
Corrected issue- Timesheet in Mobile now closes on the home screen if closed from TOM. .
Corrected issue- Credit Card Zip now populates blank in the text box.
Corrected issue- Work Orders's now automatically update based off the Cust;job selection on purchase orders.
Corrected issue- Mobile now checks TOM preferences for Bill To: and Work Address: name for Work order Print preview and Email.
Corrected issue- Internal server error on creating an estimate for a child company with a name longer than 50 characters

-Details, Notes and Descriptions font for WOs/POs/Invoices/Estimates has been changed to match that of Items. Description for them has been modified as well, so that they do not runoff the end of the screen but instead mobile will insert a line break.
-Customer's Websites in the edit customer form in Total Office Manager are now hyperlinks that will take you to the website.
-For security purposes, we removed the “Link” field from the Document Links screen. This field is Read Only and is not required. We saw no reason to reveal the entire file path to the user

GPS: issues resolved
1. Mobile now pulls historical Verizon GPS information, instead of just the most recent location for each device.
2. GPS List now displays the correct local time for Verizon Entries.
3. GPS List – Added Source, Heading and Odometer fields.
4. GPS Information now displays the approximate address instead of the GPS coordinates.
5. internal error when filtering the GPS list has been fixed