Mobile II Version 5.8.5 Release Notes

5.8.5 Release Notes
Release Date 12/26/2018

Software Updates:
Fixes and Corrections

1. Fixed reported internal server error when opening the customer job list
2. Added item notes to tasks in “My flat rate book”
3. Users locked time sheet fix. The software will now see if the time sheet was edited in
Total Office Manager, if so, it will no longer be a mobile time sheet for that day.
Allowing users to clock into another work order without Aptora Mobile thinking that they
are still clocked in.
4. Fixed issue with work order total when updating quantities.
5. Fixed issue where the estimate list “Status” column wasn’t populating.
6. Put the work order description on the work order list, so a user can easily
find the work order they are looking for
7. Fixed issues with the update totals button when changing the quantity in mobile.
Users will find the option to change quantity has moved into the item itself allowing
them to click a + or – to increase the quantity

New Features:

1. Submitted request- Added searching ability for items within tasks. Groups (tasks) will now
be returned when an item is found within the group..
2. Added item notes to tasks in “My Flat Rate Book”
3. Added the ability to select commonly used items in Total Office Manager commonly used items.
Check box located on the item under the additional info tab. This allows mobile users to filter
for a category called Commonly Used items and only see those items chosen in Total Office Manager
with the check box checked. Allow for easy to find those items that technicians use every day.
4. Submitted request- Added user preference for displaying fax number on print preview for invoices,
estimates, work orders and purchase orders.
5. Added ability to quickly add tasks from “My Flat Rate Book” to invoice or estimates.
6. Submitted request- Added display of time slot promised on Mobile work order..
7. Added quantity received and quantity order to display on the special-order parts screen.