Mobile II Version Release Notes

Aptora Mobile II Release Notes

Release Date: 08/01/2019

When updating, please stop the Internet Information Services (IIS) website for Aptora Mobile II prior to running the Mobile Configuration Utility.  Also, please make sure that Users clear the cache on the browser and or the Mobile Application. Please don’t use your browser in “private” or ” Incognito Mode”. This will cause problems with Aptora Mobile II.

This will ensure that the update will have access to update all the necessary files that Aptora Mobile needs to perform correctly.


  • Ticket #17937 – When creating a work order from a sales opportunity an error was being thrown when redirecting to the newly created work order.
  • Ticket #17672 – When searching Phone Messages or My Phone Messages no results were found.
  • Ticket #17626 – When emailing estimates, it read “Acceptance of Invoice” at the bottom instead of “Acceptance of Estimate.”
  • Ticket #17623 AND Ticket #17973 – Service Agreement Discounts were being applied to more than the line directly above it.
  • Ticket #17575 – Copy to all users for work order settings did not always function correctly.
  • Ticket #17482 – When creating a new customer, the copy bill to address to work order address did not work.
  • Locking items against discounts did not function correctly. Discounts were still applied to items even if the setting was turned on.


  • Updated the date format when taking payments for e-transactions.
  • Added the ability to attach up to 15 MB of files when sending PDF emails for invoices, estimates and work orders.
  • When taking payment on an invoice, the payment method list now displays alphabetically just like Total Office Manager.
  • Updated the Phone Messages grid under My Phone Messages, Overdue Phone Messages, and Phone Messages. This will fix Ticket #17672 and any issues that may have occurred with that grid.
  • Added View permissions for Purchase Orders. This permission restricts/allows access to opening a single purchase order to view.