Mobile II Version Hot Fix

Aptora Mobile II Release Notes
Release Date: October 16, 2020 Hot Fix

Your Apple devices must be on iOS version 13.0 or higher to use the Aptora Mobile II app. Click here to learn more.

Click here for video of new user interface.

When updating, please stop the Internet Information Services (IIS) website for Aptora Mobile II prior to running the Mobile Configuration Utility. Make sure that users clear the cache on the browser and/or the Aptora Mobile II application. This is the best practice with any website update to prevent conflicts with website code changes. If you are not logged into the mobile server and the computer/network administration, please right click on the Mobile Configuration Utility and run as administrator.

The following fixes have been made and already updated to Aptora Mobile II:

  1. Fixed an issue with SQL Script 28 breaking in specific scenarios.
  2. Made updates to the Capture Signature Feature to include Price on Work Orders.
  3. Fixed the occurrence of “Items” and “Add Items” pages not populating within the list on specific devices.
  4. Work Address within a Work Order was pulling the State, City, Zip, and Country from the Bill Address.
  5. Fixed issue when adding a single item at the last position, if a Group Order was the previous Item, was adding the Item into Group Order rather than outside the group order.
  6. In some scenarios when discounts were being added it wasn’t showing the “Amount” field.
  7. All discounts were being displayed as dollar values rather than the possible percentages.
  8. Added alphabetical ordering to the following drop down lists: Customer Equipment, Equipment Type, and Equipment Manufacturer.