Schedule Board Release Notes

Schedule Board Update

Release Notes for Version
Release Date: 11/6/2020 (rolling release)

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support. We have been working hard to make this the best software possible. We are proud of our latest version.

Note: This is a schedule board only update. We occasionally release a schedule board update and not a Total Office Manager update That way, users can get this update quicker. Future Total Office Manager updates contain prior schedule board updates.


Each of these enhancements were the result of feature requests from users like you.

  1. BIG NEWS! We created a unique Scheduling Wizard (version 1). The system was designed to help users select the best technician for the job based on their skill set and estimated time of arrival to that call. The system uses Total Office Manager’s Skills Checking feature and combines it with our GPS tracking and mapping systems. Please see the help topic for more information.
  2. Numerous speed improvements were made to various parts of the system.
  3. The Quick Edit fields are now searchable. To use the feature, begin typing in the box and the results will auto fill.
  4. We added a Quick Edit for Multi-Day Work Orders.
  5. We now allow to use the Quick Edit feature on multiple work orders. Right-click on a work order and click Quick Edit. You may now leave that WO open and do the same on two or more work orders.
  6. We slightly redesigned the List header area so it offers more room. This is helpful when docking the list where vertical space is limited.
  7. Added a full “Microsoft Office” type of Toolbar to the top of the main form.
  8. Added a Default Layout button for the docking feature. If you work with the docking feature and wish you hadn’t, click this button to restore the default layout.
  9. Added a button to the map view called View Company Home Location. This action will center your map view on your company’s location.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an error with the following message: “If ID in LastSelectedProfileId on ScheduleprefNew does not exist…”.
  2. Fixed a condition where the Work Order Stage was missing on Unscheduled Work Order list.
  3. Fixed an issue with refreshing the schedule board.