Total Office Manager 11.2.17 Release Notes

11.2.17 Release Notes

Release Date: 8/17/2018


– Returned the printing functionality back to what it was in the 11.0.15 version release.  This does remove the ability that was added in the 11.2 version release to allow for printer selection on all reports.

– Removed the three most recent changes to the schedule board unscheduled work order section to isolate the cause of the board becoming nonresponsive.  Once we have identified the culprit, we will restore the changes to filtering the work order types, employees, and opening a multi-day work order.

– Corrected the spacing on the work order report page header.

– Corrected an error that would generate when running the Sales Tax Detail report with the option Exclude Zeros checked.

– Corrected an issue with credits showing as positive numbers in the Taxable Amount and NonTaxable amount on the Accrual Basis Sales Tax Liability Report.