Total Office Manager 19.8.1600 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update
Release Notes for Version 19.8.1600
Release Date: 08/16/2019

This update requires an update to your database. This will require that all users log out of the software program so that the update can run. Once the update has run and the first user logs in, other users will not be able to log back into the program in prior versions without being required to update.

– Added a preference that will use cost from Item Receipt/ Bill or use the estimated cost when adding reimbursable items to an invoice (excludes inventory and serialized items).

– Cost not updating correctly on Estimate when updating the group quantity Ticket#18262
– Spell Check was not saving changes on invoices. Ticket# 17603

– Deposit Lines Duplicating fix. Ticket# 17716
– Sorting by Follow-Up date on the Sales Opportunity List. Ticket#17724
– Import utility importing balanced Journal entries as out of balance Journal entries. Ticket# 17902
– Phone Messages in the Information Center Ticket#17318
– When using the Scan option to Add Document Link, the Link was not populating with the file path selected during the scanning process. Ticket# 8878

– Added a calculate button to the Pay Sales Tax form.
– Payroll Service Provider flag is not removed from employee record when the preference is unchecked. Ticket# 17695
– Labor Minutes now display on the Mobile Invoice when it is initially created. Ticket#17762
– Employer Liabilities no longer required Ticket# 17701
– Duplicating deduction, the taxes are not copying over. Ticket# 17692
– Inactive Time Off on Earnings showing on employee earning items dropdown.
– When duplicating a payroll item, the system was asking to update historical when saving the new item. Ticket# 17693
– Payroll Item Detailed History Report Preference added to not include balance forward.

– Fixed an issue with removing Credits. Ticket# 18245

Schedule Board
– Display Customer Address on Appointments ToolTip. Ticket #16074

Features and Enhancements
– We added new functionality to the backend of the database that will help prevent Total Office Manager from locking up when multiple users are performing the same task.
– The new feature Unit Of Measure. For information regarding this feature, please refer to

Yellow Screen Errors
– All yellow screen errors submitted since the last update have been addressed.