Total Office Manager 21.1.2000 Release Notes

Total Office Manager Update

Release Notes for Version 21.1.2000
Release Date: 01/20/2021 (rolling release)

Thank you for trusting Aptora Corporation with your business management software. We appreciate your feedback and support.

Database Update

For on-premises users, this update will require all other users to be logged out so that the database can be updated. Cloud users (hosted) will not need to update their database.

New Features and Enhancements

The following were feature requests submitted by users like you:

  1. The help topics that are linked to the software have been changed so that they now open a webpage on the support site. The old (on premises) help file is no longer being updated. The help topics on the website are being updated and improved.
  2. Internal database changes were made to Total Office Manager for Time Tracker Plus™.
  3. We added additional options to the What Best Describes selection on Chart of Accounts. Ticket JL302
  4. W2/W3, 940, and 941 report options were copied to Reports > Payroll. 1099/1096 report options were copied to Reports > Accounting > Vendor. They were not moved. They were copied. Ticket JL301
  5. We added the current Show Signature feature (from Invoice) to the Estimate form. Ticket JL305
  6. Triggers were removed from the database. Triggers are generally not used by our software but there were several of them left from many years ago. This work was done to improve software speed. Ticket JL300
  7. We removed numerous tables and fields that have been deprecated (no longer used by the software). Ticket JL299
  8. Numerous database indexes were added and deleted for added speed and stability.
  9. We added an “Add New” and Lookup Option to the Work Order Location feature. Ticket CSM086
  10. Additional changes for our beta group of testers and evaluators. This system is not yet public. Ticket CSM026
  11. The Work Order Contact Log Notification system was sending the full log not just the one entry. We changed it to show the last entry.
  12. We removed Form 941, years 2012 through 2017. These were no longer needed.

New Custom Data Views

Under Reports > Custom Data Views, we have added the following. You will need to update these from the CDV form. These new CDVs will be particularly helpful for troubleshooting.

Missing Department Entries: This view displays all transaction line entries which are missing a department in the register for Income Statement accounts.
Help Topic:

Missing Reimb. Work Orders: This view displays all potential reimbursable transaction line entries which have a customer selected and no corresponding work order is selected.
Help Topic:

Missing Invoice Work Orders: This view displays all invoice/sale/credits which have been created and no corresponding work order is attached.
Help Topic:

Missing Work Orders Invoiced: This view displays all work orders which have been completed and no corresponding invoice/sale is attached.
Help Topic: missing-wo-invoiced

General Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with the Contact by Marketing Source report. Ticket 28241
  2. Resolved an issue where certain reserved items were still available for adding to another item reservation. Ticket 26836
  3. Total Office Manager would close when multiple forms were opened, under specific conditions. Ticket 26607
  4. Inactive Sales Tax items were being shown when creating an invoice. Ticket 28319

Yellow Screen Error Submissions

These are the unanticipated errors that open a form with a yellow background. We appreciate any information that users add to this error message prior to clicking the Submit button.

  1. Database names that contained an apostrophe were causing yellow screen errors that may have contained this description: Main_Login.ConcurrentUserCheck() Incorrect syntax near ‘s’. This was resolved. However, we still do not recommend using apostrophes or any special characters in a database name.
  2. Fixed yellow screen error when using the Zone Pricing feature. The error mentioned the following: modRecords.getCustDefaults() Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value. Ticket 28110
  3. Yellow screen error when using the Barcode Scanning feature. The YS error included the following text: modRptPayItemDtlHst.Populate_rdtPayItemDtlHst() Ambiguous column name ‘AccountType’ group items data. Ticket 28133
  4. Fixed a yellow screen error related to open work order types. Ticket CSM096
  5. Fixed a yellow screen error related to frmWOMulti.getWOInfo() Invalid property value
  6. Fixed a yellow screen error related to frmPRYTDDetails.Init_Deductions() Subquery returned more than 1 value
  7. Fixed a yellow screen error related to modRecords.deleteCustJobFromList() conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint
  8. Fixed a yellow screen error related to frmPRForm941Setup.Form_Load() ‘Text’ property is read-only
  9. Fixed a yellow screen error related to frmW2Shift.LoadSettings() Invalid property value
  10. Fixed a yellow screen error related to frmUserSignature.Save() Subscript out of range
  11. modForms.callbackWO() Invalid property value