Author name: Arika Cosby

Mobile Tech as Sales Reps

In past versions, the invoices created from mobile used the technician as the sales rep. Now it uses the sales rep assigned to the customer. Please use the mobile technician as the sales rep when creating invoices in the field.

Ability to See Start/Stop Time on Timesheets List

Please add the ability to see the Start Time and Stop Time as columns on the timesheet list. This will help technicians see the times recorded when they do not have the ability to edit the entries.

Add Filtered Hours Total to Aptora Mobile II

When filtering the timesheets under the menu or the column, it would be nice to see the total hours for the filtered results. This view ability has been requested by several technicians.

Ability to scan a QR Code for Items

We have a request to add the ability to scan a QR Code in Aptora Mobile II for adding items to transactions.  This feature would only be for the mobile application at this time.  Anyone interested in helping to fund this project, please let me know.