Author name: Chris Serbeck

Retail price lock

Is it possible to have the retail price lock, also lock the markdown markup method on invoices and estimates? I have employees changing the global setting on and estimate and not resetting the markup on service items and selective items that are not to be discounted which is causing us to sell them below my …

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Mobile Auto logout.

I’m very concerned that the new mobile never logs a tech out from the server. We do a lot of government work and I worried that leave the connection open to my mobile server could be exploded and would not pass a penetration test. I would like first choice to have time logoff setting after …

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Stage Preference

Is there any chance of getting “stages” setup in “Company Preferences” as a require field on Worker Orders Sales/Invoice/Estimate Options and PO? Stages has been one of the best features added, but it only works if employee’s remember to set the stage. I like to keep them from saving the form without it being set.