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I would like to see inventory automatically allocated when assigned to a Work Order. This would make it much easier to track inventory and take inventory if you know what has been assigned until it has been invoiced. We give techs inventory for projects or service calls that are not assigned to their truck (warehouse) for projects or service calls. If not used the item(s) is supposed to come back to the warehouse. It would be nice to know when you using the feature you demoed in your last webinar to know if you show 10 in stock an there only 6 on the shelf were the other 4 are. The items are in limbo until they are invoiced. This make it very hard to adjust inventory when you have a bunch of open un-invoiced worker orders.

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  1. When you say “Allocate”, do you mean remove it from inventory and possibly create a cost of goods sold? If yes to either, that would basically be impossible because work orders are not financial transactions. You can reserve serialized and inventory parts on a work order. You can also move items from a warehouse to the truck and back to the warehouse (when not used).

  2. The work order allocation is just to show what parts were allocated to work orders that have not been invoiced yet they do not need to be financial. We can’t use work order or estimate reserve items because you can’t import the reserved items on the final invoice in the order they were submitted to the customer on the estimate. Line item position is required due to line item Purchase Orders submitted by the customer and discounts applied. On long standing projects were the parts are pulled and allocated for a job, the parts may go on different trucks depending on which tech is performing that part of the job. Warehouse allocation isn’t ideal when the parts are changing hands on a long standing project. This idea is to allow inventory control between service, retail, and install and have a quick view of how many parts you may have out on work orders that differs from your inventory on shelf. We are looking for this box to show on the item entry, similar to “BACK ORDERS”, or quantity reservation.

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