Add Operating Hours to Assets (like odometer)

4 years agoin progress3

The odometer features is great. We would really like to ask that hours be added for machinery that has operating hour meters. I entered a request for reminders. Please add the reminder to hours too. We would contribute $250 for either of these.

3 thoughts on “Add Operating Hours to Assets (like odometer)”

  1. Would you need to allow minutes to be entered or whole hours? I would not like to allow minutes and hours. It must be one or the other. This entry would be okay: 1023.5 and so would this: 768. Will that work?

  2. I would prefer hours, mainly because most equipment meters are that way. So for example a generator might have 200.5 hours. Which equates to 200 hours 30 min. That would be hard to enter. So just a simple 200.5 hours works best and it follows the equipment meters.

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